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Many people ask about how to get started. In fact, it couldn’t be simpler!

Fee Structure – Training Fees For all Students (No Contracts or Direct Debits)
then $15 Per Class All Ages (As you attend)
$70-00 Unlimited Training at any of the listed centres Per Calendar Month

In each and every class students receive professional personal and group tuition. At National Tae Kwon-Do to gain the most of your martial arts training it is highly recommended that students train twice or more each week (time permitting). If students choose to train for 2 or more lessons each week paying $70-00 per month will be a more viable fee structure for you. If you can only train once a week class fees are $15-00 each lesson. As you can see our prices are structured at a very reasonable rate. At National Tae Kwon-Do members are NOT asked to sign any expensive or binding long term fee contracts.


All it takes to get started is to come along, call or email us to set an appointment for your TWO WEEK OF FREE CLASSES. With no obligation.
Once satisfied and committed you can then move on to our mainstream GRADING program. This program requires a student to become a member of Australian National Tae Kwon-Do. As a member a student may then apply for a Grading Test upon selection. The Grading program consists of step by step tuition of specific techniques, patterns, kicks, strikes, sweeps, locks holds and a lot more exciting real life Self Defence strategies; so you or your child are then well on your way to obtaining your next belt colour in your Martial Arts journey while gaining fitness, suppleness and learning how to defend yourself or loved ones.


The cost of Lifetime Membership which includes your Grading uniform (Fold over embroided Jacket, Pants and White Belt), also a beginners welcoming booklet is $50

After experiencing our training methods at National Tae Kwon-Do all new students can move on at their own pace into our Beginners Introductory Special which includes Uniform and Life Time Membership $50.


At National Tae Kwon-Do we offer a fitness and self defence regieme designed to suit the specific needs of your group or organisation.


Gradings are conducted 4 times a year Australia Wide At a grading students demonstrate their level of skills – patterns, kicks, blocks etc that they have been taught in the various gym Branches. Upon completion, students receive their results at their next normal class. On advancement to new belt levels, student are taught more challenging and advanced techniques and patterns moving closer to achieving the dream of becoming one of the elite and highly respected 1st Degree Black Belts with National Tae Kwon-Do.

The structure and purpose of gradings ensures students are always learning new skills and tuning the old. Every 3 months a new challenge awaits students so they can strive to improve their art, better themselves, improve their health, feel confident and ready to take on anything life may throw at them.

The practice of National Tae Kwon Do imparts to each individual student high quality self defence skills, self control, self confidence, physical fitness, superior mental self discipline, high moral standards, improved psychological outlook and overall strength of character.

Anyone can learn and enjoy National Tae kwon Do. Male, Female, Large or Small, Strong or Weak, fit or unfit, child, teenager or Adult……. all can be taught the many techniques of National Tae Kwon Do in a fully controlled and safe manner.

National Tae Kwon Do has developed a childrens only curriculum designed specifically for children aged 5 to 12 years. This has enabled us to teach Tae kwon do techniques, drills, patterns, morals and lifes skills at an age-specific level that prepares them for their teenage and adult Martial arts experience.

Parents can train with their teenage children in our Combined Teenage and Adult classes. Where Classes are focused and taught in a manner to prepare teenagers and adults with useful techniques and life skills addressing specific situations they may be exposed to or encounter.

One of the greatest misconception within the martial artsis that all black belts are experts. Our Instructors are, by experience, the most qualified Tae kwon-Do black belt teachers in the area, they are not only powerful, dynamic and knowledgeable about what they do, but are also punctual, polite, reliable, respected individuals who are physically and morally dedicated to teaching you properly. Our Instructors understand that the student’s individual progress is the most important focus of their attention. That’s why our instructors continue to be students themselves. They take classes, take special instructor training and method training and continually work to improve their ability to help National students reach their goals.

You will learn kicks, chops, blocks, holds, sweeps, locks and hundreds of quality Tae Kwon Do techniques + drills to practice in and out of class. As a beginner with National Tae Kwon Do you will be taught a range of basic self defence techniques, you will be introduced to a wide variety of stretching and strengthening exercises and taught a program that will put you on the path to a happier healthier lifestyle. We will teach you a system that has been tried and tested in many situations over many years and has been proven to be effective for self defence purposes. This same adult teaching method has been used by the military for training and combat purposes.

You will not only benefit from our full body workouts, suppleness, strengthening and aerobic training in our diverse (never boring) classes but you should ever have to suffer the indignity and humiliation of being physically attacked. Whether you feel you are strong or weak it is important you know how to defend youself. One day your ability to defend yourself may save your life or that of a loved one. Whether or not you ever have to use your self dence abilities is irrelevant. What is important is that you can look after yourself or your loved ones if the need arises.